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Alleviating Your Prospecting Challenge:
Stakeholder Lifecycle Management™

CRM helps you keep track of who you already know, but does it help you target who you need to know? According to a poll of sales VPs, two of the three top business development challenges involve the absence of an effective prospecting strategy. Without a good prospecting strategy, how do you know if your sales reps are talking to the right people? You don’t.

After years in sales leadership roles, Tohoom’s founder recognized this ongoing business challenge and created Tohoom’s Stakeholder Lifecycle Management™ System- a software solution that is built on your existing CRM platform. This highly effective system includes a proven methodology and cadence that helps solve the prospecting strategy challenge, while rapidly growing your business.


In a side-by-side comparison of one team who adopted Tohoom’s Stakeholder Lifecycle Management™ System compared to a team of its peers who didn’t, the team that used the Tohoom’s Stakeholder Lifecycle Management™ System experienced a 500% higher growth improvement rate.*

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Tohoom’s Stakeholder Lifecycle Management™ System delivers a culture-changing prospecting strategy which helps your sales leaders with:

stakeholder target
  •   Drives increased revenue by enabling your sales teams to Collaborate with the stakeholders they need to know
  •   Real-time analytics about Found and Connected stakeholders by rep, VP, territory, etc. Drill down into details – Tohoom AI delivers Stakeholder relationship scoring
  •   Choreograph strategic Collaboration with economic buyers throughout the fiscal year
  •   Change sales culture with proven methodology and cadence to solve the prospecting strategy problem once and for all

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Benefits of using Tohoom’s Stakeholder Lifecycle Management System™


Increases Sales

Drive increased revenue year-over-year

Targets the Right Contacts

Find and validate the title of the most important stakeholder at your targeted clients

Delivers Real-Time AI

Gain real-time AI about known and Connected stakeholders by rep, VP, territory, etc. and drill down into details

Provides Details for Sales Leaders

Enables your sales leaders to validate, track & inspect stakeholder selling

Easy to Use

Minimal to no training required for your existing sales force

Creates an Effective Prospecting Strategy

Solve the prospecting strategy problem once and for all

Customer Business Outcome:
SAP Utilizing Tohoom’s Lifecycle Management System™

Business Challenge

  •   SAP has a matrix sales organization with many potential economic buyers
  •   With so many reps calling on a single customer, no rep felt accountable to proactively reach out to the economic buyers
  •   Competitors were getting to the economic buyers and SAP was losing business without knowing until the deal was already lost

Achieved Capabilities

  •   Tohoom quickly targeted the top four economic buyers the SAP reps needed to be calling on
  •   Tohoom set up a cadence for the reps to Find, Connect & Collaborate with their Hooms over the course of the fiscal year
  •   One accountable rep was identified per Hoom so that everyone knew who was responsible for Finding and Connecting with the Hoom

Business Outcome

  •   When the program started 14% of Hooms had been contacted by one team’s sales force. Within a year 86% of the Hooms had been contacted
  •   During the two-year period, the results were measured, revenue growth for the targeted Hooms was 700%. By way of comparison, this grow was 5x greater than the next comparable sales team

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