Software solutions designed for Automotive Suppliers by Automotive Suppliers


Enable your teams to achieve success with technology that supports their role.

Automotive Suppliers need unique solutions to address their industry specific needs. With these needs in mind, Tohoom designed a complete solution to assist Auto Suppliers in selling, winning & managing their automotive OEM programs.

Tohoom for Automotive Suppliers is a cloud-based enterprise solution built on, a Salesforce platform & their advanced CRM Analytics reporting tool. Tohoom brings Sales, Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Purchasing & Program Management together in one system to provide a seamless user experience between data & analytics.  This digital transformation optimizes your work force by supporting their cross department interactions & data sharing. Tohoom also harmonizes business unit collaboration & strategic corporate reporting. Gain insights into your business with interactive dashboards & customizable reports. Sales performance increases, internal business operations improve, and data management challenges disappear.

With Tohoom, real-time enterprise data enables your executives to make the best business decisions across all customers, business units and product families through the lifecycle of your customer programs.


Salesforce selected Tohoom for its
prestigious Accelerate Program

Tohoom joined the Microsoft Startup
program in 2020

Automotive Supplier Industry

Volume Management

Advanced Pricing Management

Material Indexation

“Suppliers need to respond to diverse situations among their customer base, since each vehicle manufacturer is facing unique circumstances, challenges, and opportunities.”
Plante Moran 2020 WRI Study

Key Features of the Program Management Solution


Acquisition Planning

Sales Pursuit Technology

Program Management

Cross-Functional Program Lifecycle Management

Manage Volumes & Pricing

Aid Sales, Finance & Manufacturing to Manage Volumes and Pricing 


Faster Sales Pursuit

pursue new programs with IHS market data

Stage Based Activities

milestones by stage 

Volume Management

future volumes, actual historical volumes & EDI forecasted volumes


manage the RFQ process using volume & pricing tables

Functional Collaboration

Sales, Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Program Management

IHS Integration

save IHS filters to programs and update as new IHS forecasts arrive

Strategic Customer Management

stakeholder relationship mapping

RASIC Responsibility Matrix

define and track user responsibilities

Advanced Pricing Management

base price, productivity / AIF, material indexation, amortization, & more 

Tohoom is built on enterprise-level cloud platforms.

Security at its best

  •   Automotive Supplier solution built on by Salesforce
  •    Data security
  •   Multi-factor authentication sign-on

Device Integration

  •   Native phone experience
  •   Outlook & Gmail integration
  •   ERP integration

Immediate Benefits

  •   One system for full enterprise use
  •   Increased accuracy & efficiency across your organization
  •   Assists your sales process with flexibility & security

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