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Revolutionizing the Way You Engage with Economic Buyers
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At Tohoom, we understand that successful B2B sales hinge on understanding and influencing the key decision-makers in your target organizations. That’s why we created our Sales Intelligence Assistant (SIA) – a powerful solution designed to enhance Salesforce Opportunity Contact Roles (OCRs) with Sentiment & Influence

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Key Features

Tohoom’s Sales Intelligence Assistant goes beyond conventional CRM capabilities by introducing additional Sentiment & Influence fields. Now, you can capture the nuances of your strategy and operationalize interactions with economic buyers and influential committee members effortlessly.

Enjoy an upgraded experience on both Opportunity and Contact Records with improved visualization and user-friendly interfaces. Navigate through critical information seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters most – building meaningful connections and driving successful sales outcomes.

Experience a streamlined workflow with our Outlook & Gmail side panel visualization and interface to Opportunity Contact Roles. This integration ensures that you have the insights you need right at your fingertips, without switching between applications, providing a more efficient and productive sales process.

Sales Intelligence Assistant Highlights

Enhance Opportunity Contact Roles

Improve the visualization and usability of Opportunity Contact Roles, adding capabilities to track the impact of decision-makers on the buying decision. Tohoom’s Sales Intelligence Assistant brings clarity to your sales strategy, allowing you to pinpoint and prioritize the key influencers.

Sales Goals

Track the impact of decision-makers on the buying decision, enabling you to align your efforts with those who have the most significant influence. Tohoom empowers you to focus your energy where it’s needed the most for impactful results.

Collaborate with Marketing

Team up with Marketing representatives to drive engagement with important buying committee members at the right time. Additionally, improve marketing attributions across all stages of the sales pipeline.

Opportunity Arc Reactors

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Unleash the power of Tohoom's Sales Intelligence Assistant to transform your B2B sales approach. Elevate your understanding of decision-makers, influence buying committees, and drive unparalleled success in every opportunity. Inquire today!

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