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Empowering Your Business with Intelligent Solutions

Where Innovation Meets Efficiency and Challenges Transform into Opportunities

Tohoom specializes in Salesforce and Microsoft applications, harnessing the power of cloud software to deliver advanced software solutions for our clients. Our product range includes CRM add-ons and industry-specific commercial intelligence management software. With extensive industry expertise and innovative development, we offer two groundbreaking solutions – Commercial Intelligence Management (CIM) and Sales Intelligence Assistant (SIA) – that meet the needs of our clients and enable them to navigate their customer complexities with precision, achieve greater agility and reduced operational costs.

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Salesforce selected Tohoom for Two of Its Prestigious accelerate Programs

1) BUILD - Graduated in early 2020
2) GROW Accelerator - Graduated in December 2023

Tohoom joined the
Microsoft Startup Program

in 2020

Our Mission

At Tohoom, our mission is clear:

Empower businesses to thrive by providing comprehensive solutions that enhance leadership effectiveness to laser-focus on cost reduction and operational excellence. We understand the unique challenges faced by Original Equipment Suppliers, and our solutions are crafted to address these challenges head-on.


Why Tohoom

At Tohoom, we believe in empowering businesses to reach new heights. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive solution to manage customer complexities or a powerful tool to influence key decision-makers, Tohoom is your trusted partner on this journey. 

We enhance leadership effectiveness by improving access to high-quality information about your commercial relations, enabling better decision-making.

We prioritize understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by Original Equipment Suppliers.

Tohoom understands the financial constraints of businesses; our solutions are designed to provide maximum value on an affordable budget.

Explore the possibilities with us and revolutionize the way you do business.

Our Team

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Whether you have questions about features, pricing, need a demo, or anything else, our team is here to help.