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Commercial Intelligence Management (CIM)

In the wake of the ongoing perma-crisis brought about by the pandemic, Original Equipment (OE) Suppliers face multifaceted challenges, from supply chain disruptions to the evolving landscape of electric vehicles. Navigating this complex environment requires a strategic shift towards operational excellence.

Tohoom uniquely positions itself to assist you in digitally optimizing your Commercial Intelligence.
This optimization journey spans three key pillars:

Business Processes

Tohoom's scalable cloud software automates core business processes, driving efficiency and cost reduction while embracing the agility demanded by the perma-crisis environment.


By extending commercial relations processes across all functional stakeholders, Tohoom fosters collaboration, creating a unified source of truth for improved decision-making.


Tohoom empowers your team with prebuilt insights, enabling effective management of commercial intelligence in real time.

Everything is Integrated

Tohoom leverages Salesforce platform technologies, incorporating predictive analytics and a robust development framework into every aspect of our solution. Our scalable cloud software automates core business processes, driving efficiency and cost reduction while meeting the agility demands of the competitive manufacturing industry.


Unlock the potential of scattered data with Tohoom’s powerful Analytics solution. We empower Original Equipment Suppliers with prebuilt insights, allowing effective real-time management of commercial intelligence. The technology powering our Analytics is a game-changer, offering self-service business intelligence without the need for IT intervention or complex queries.

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Why Tohoom

Tohoom’s CIM is not just a solution; it’s a strategic enabler, allowing Original Equipment Suppliers to laser-focus on cost reduction and operational excellence. By optimizing and managing critical aspects such as Volumes and Pricing, Long Range Planning, Commercial Relations Issues, Quoting & Approvals, Contracts & Approvals, CRM, Sustainability Metrics, and Material Indexation, Tohoom’s CIM on the Salesforce Platform delivers a comprehensive approach to operational efficiency.

Key Benefits:

Streamline resources and collaborative business processes for optimal efficiency.

With a cost-effective subscription model, rapid deployment, and outsourced system management, we significantly decrease the Total Cost of Ownership.

Identify and invest resources in the most profitable programs. Manage future challenges collaboratively across all functions, supported by holistic Key Stakeholder Management for a comprehensive view of Original Equipment Manufacturer relationships.

Elevate the effectiveness of Original Equipment Suppliers by improving access to high-quality information about your commercial relations, enabling better decision-making.

CIM Features

Security and

Tohoom prioritizes data security and traceability through the Salesforce Platform, ensuring permissions are respected, modifications are tracked meticulously, and the history of commercial relations is preserved amid dynamic internal teams.

Volumes and Pricing
as a Singular Source
of Truth

Create immediate and substantial efficiency improvements for sales professionals. A singular source of volume and price "truth" eliminates redundant data entry, reducing errors, and enhancing communication and collaboration between sales, finance, engineering, and program management.

The Collaborative

The collaborative enterprise, enabled by Tohoom’s CIM, revolutionizes how organizations engage with stakeholders. By connecting individuals based on their roles and personalized content, Tohoom enhances satisfaction, fostering a culture of efficiency and collaboration.

Long-Range Planning,
Target Setting, and
Win/Loss Analysis

Digitally optimize the long-range planning business process, allowing real-time management across manufacturing plants, OEMs, and products.

Commercial Issues
with OEMs

Manage commercial issues with a single source of truth across sales, finance, and supply chain management. Analyze commercial issues by OEM, Manufacturing Plant, and issue type for swift resolution and informed decision-making.

Quoting & Approvals,
Contracts & Approvals

Streamline quoting and approval processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in securing contracts. Manage the entire contract lifecycle with integrated approval workflows for a seamless and transparent process.

Market Outlook Analysis
from S&P Global or
Other Market Sources

Stay at the forefront of market trends with insightful analysis from reputable sources like S&P Global. Anticipate shifts, identify opportunities, and align commercial strategies with a forward-looking approach to gain a competitive advantage.

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