Target, IdentifyConnect, & Renew | Expand

Tohoom’s Stakeholder Lifecycle Management is the foundation for our industry-based Prospecting Cloud solutions. It was created on a ready-built methodology that enables sales leaders and sales representative collaboration to nurture economic buyer relationships while enhancing existing ones. With Tohoom’s proven methodology sales organizations Target, IdentifyConnect, and Renew | Expand with key stakeholders, which lead to more qualified opportunities, quicker sales cycles, and larger deal sizes.

  •   Drive increased revenue by enabling your sales teams to support renewals & expansion with loyal customer stakeholders
  •   Real-time analytics about identified and connected stakeholders by rep, VP, territory, etc. Drill down into details – Tohoom AI delivers Stakeholder relationship scoring
  •   Choreograph strategic renew | expand events with economic buyers throughout the fiscal year
  •   Change sales culture with proven methodology & predictive KPIs to solve the prospecting strategy problem once and for all

Tohoom illustrates a growing unrecognized problem in B2B sales organizations with the below questions for your sales organization’s top leadership team:

1)   Has your sales leadership identified the persona of the stakeholders/economic buyers on your key accounts?
If asked, would sales leaders and reps have the same answer? 

2)   Do the reps even know the name of the stakeholders/economic buyers that they should be calling on? What percentage of these stakeholders/economic buyers are recorded as contacts in their CRM?

3)   What percentage of these stakeholders/economic buyers have heard directly from your sales reps in the past year?

Sales leaders recognize that their answers to these questions are way too low & more concerningly they had to guess. This is a symptom of a much bigger problem. 

Leading Gartner analysts have identified the nature of B2B sales is changing dramatically. 

While sales cycles were once predictable, they have become ever-increasingly non-linear with a larger number of buying committee influencers that appear at irregular time intervals during the sales cycle. Based on this, Gartner analysts recommend…

3 important improvements that sales organizations need to move into the future of B2B selling: 

Accelerate Early Pipeline Management Efforts

Focus on Sales Enablement

Drive Effectiveness of Key Account Programs

Tohoom takes away the guessing games from non-linear sales cycles. It holds sales leaders and their reps accountable for managing pre-opportunity relationships with key decision-makers & influencers. Tohoom facilitates strategic interactions with existing customer stakeholders/economic buyers to deliver land & expand sales strategies or defend customers from competitive threats. This increases the quality and quantity of opportunities in the pipeline which drives significant growth and revenue. 


Intuitive software to provide insights for sales managers and their team about the health of key accounts. Within a few clicks, sales teams can keep track of the relationships with key decision makers. 

Proven Methodology 

A proven methodology to systematically grow revenue.

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