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Connect with the Right Hoom Before a RFQ

Suppliers have a real challenge in RFQ timing. They typically get very little time to respond to an RFQ. As a result, they don’t have all the information necessary to make a good quote. They either add too much buffer and overprice or take too much risk!

Tohoom’s Supplier Prospecting Cloud is a complete, stand-alone CRM solution that helps auto suppliers expand into new divisions, sites, programs, & platforms and sell to new OEMs or Tiers.

As a typical auto supplier, sales teams know the division or sites that their existing deals are coming from and they work very hard to defend that business. This, however, leaves many divisions, sites, programs, & platforms uncovered. Based on the supplier product line, Tohoom maps the purchasing & engineering decision makers across all potential divisions, sites, programs, & platforms. As the business white space is exposed, sales reps can grow sales with the new purchasing & engineering decision makers.

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  • Get more RFQs from OEMs or the Tier above you
    Connecting with the right people in your accounts leads to more deals
  • Provide more accurate RFQ responses & respond quicker
    Earlier interaction with customers in the RFQ process
  • Influence the RFQ before it is defined
    Maximize your customer relationships to be part of the deal before the quote
  • Expand into new divisions, sites, programs & platforms 
    Sell to new OEMs or Tiers

“The misalignment between sales model design and underlying purchase reality easily leads to potentially costly misdiagnoses of both sales rep shortcomings and best-bet interventions.”

Business Analyst

Utilizing our Stakeholder Lifecycle Management business development strategy and methodology, Tohoom’s Supplier Prospecting Cloud™ provides automotive suppliers with:


Get the right information that helps you sell to new divisions, sites, programs, & platforms and expand into new OEMs or Tiers.


Work on RFQs before they are distributed and influence RFQs while they are being defined.


Strategically reach out to your key executives, cultivate relationships, and organize & document your activities.

 Our Auto Supplier Prospecting Cloud Solution Provides

Stakeholder Relationship Mapping 

Nurture new stakeholder relationships & support renewals and expansion within existing ones

Proven Methodology

Systematically grow revenue

Automated System 

Keep track of stakeholder relationships

Stakeholder Management Intelligence 

Easily pull sales reports & dashboards

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