Solutions That Improve Your Prospecting Strategy 

The process of searching for the right prospective customers from your collection of leads is often a time-consuming activity that frequently renders low quality prospects that don’t have real purchasing power. That is, until now. 

Tohoom™ offers multiple Prospecting Cloud™ solutions that enable your Account Based Selling (ABS) strategyEach industry-based solution operates on our Stakeholder Lifecycle Management™ software system, which incorporates a highly effective proven methodology with predictive KPIs that empower your sales team with tools that help solve the prospecting strategy challenge and rapidly grow your business.  

In addition, sales managers can quickly see their team’s day-to-day performance, evaluate what’s working and improve their prospecting strategy across their organization. 

What a Prospecting Cloud™
Solution is…

  • An automated system for your sales reps and sales managers to keep track of prospect touch points and stakeholder relationships, while integrating all critical sales actions into your workflow.
    Eliminates the need for paper-based notes or complicated excel spreadsheets  
  • An easy-to-use tool that captures your ABS strategy & operationalizes interacting with the right economic buyers & the influencing committee prior to an existing opportunity.
    Saves time by putting the right prospects at your fingertips 

What a Prospecting Cloud™
Solution is not…

  • A data enrichment or ABM tactic 

“Customers don’t buy in a linear fashion. Rather, they use both digital and in-person channels with near equal frequency to complete each of the six B2B buying jobs more or less simultaneously.”

Business Analyst

Our Industry-Based Solutions 

Prospecting Cloud-B2B

Created for all organizations looking to rapidly grow their business and relationships by targeting the “minds that matter”. Through a proven methodology, Tohoom’s B2B Prospecting Cloud solution helps sales teams continuously cultivate and close large, profitable deals – quarter over quarter.

Prospecting Cloud-Supplier

A complete CRM solution designed specifically for automotive suppliers. By providing the tools to get more RFQs and respond to them more quickly and accurately, Tohoom’s Auto Suppliers Prospecting Cloud solution helps expand into new divisions, sites, programs, & platforms and sell to new OEMs or Tiers.

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