“The foundational key performance indicator in sales is
the number of new people connected with each week. Tohoom is our management platform for methodically targeting, influencing and collaborating with new people every week. 

Seth Catalli
Regional Vice President | UiPath


“Tohoom’s defines KPIs in a way that is both simple to understand, but deeply transformational. Being able to think about and track the key decision-makers lets us focus our energy where it is needed the most, instead of spinning our wheels with those who can’t make deals happen.”

Dan Shahin
Chief Technical Officer | Strategic Organizing Systems, LLC


“As a Director of Partnerships, my team ideally works collaboratively to maximize client outcomes. This can be difficult given the challenges of time and geography.
Tohoom clearly provides us an advantage in uncovering key stakeholders and connecting them. This has lead to creating and delivering greater opportunities not only in the immediate time frame but in future quarters.”

Paul Getzen
DIrector of Educational Partnerships | Solution Tree


Tohoom’s simple and easy-to-use interface helps our sales leaders and salespeople manage key economic buyers across key accounts. Their B2B Prospecting Cloud solution helps the entire sales organization get on the same page and start talking with the RIGHT decision-makers on key accounts. After one month of using Tohoom I can already tell my client meetings are with the right clients and are going to lead to quicker/bigger deals.”

Eric Drieselman
Sales Director |  Hearst Autos



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