B2B Salesforce Add-on


Expand your opportunity contact role capabilities

Tohoom’s B2B Salesforce Add-on was created for organizations looking to pre-define buying committee role coverage expectations for their sales teams. Now, you can see pre-defined roles where contacts aren’t assigned and track contact sentiment and power in an easy to manage interface. 

 Our B2B Salesforce Add-on Provides

Opportunity Contact Role Management 

Predefine role coverage expectations

Role Metrics 

Track coverage, sentiment & power


Check buying committee coverage across your rep’s accounts

“As business-to-business (B2B) buying behavior rapidly changes, traditional sales approaches — no matter how well executed — will dramatically underachieve.”

Business Analyst

Tohoom’s Salesforce Add-on provides organizations with: 


Your CRM identifies stakeholders your sales team knows, but it doesn’t identify which ones you don’t know. Tohoom’s analytics and stakeholder intelligence helps you know who you don’t know.


Tohoom’s stakeholder management helps your team gain new stakeholder relationships and enhance existing ones. It’s easy to see how adding and improving these relationships will increase your sales revenue and help you exceed quota.


What if Tohoom’s price was at a break-even point of less than one deal at your average contract value (ACV)? And, one more deal per sales rep at ACV could drive double digit sales growth. Have you ever seen your CRO and CFO high five?

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