Are your Reps getting to buying committee members before their decision has been made?

Tohoom’s B2B solution provides a “virtual relationship assistant”. Tohoom enhances relationship management via email and CRM integration. Additionally, relationship analytics are provided to determine where your opportunities have holes in buying committee coverage, sentiment and buying-job-completion.

Key Benefits

  • An automated system for your sales reps and sales managers to keep track of prospect touch points and stakeholder relationships, while integrating all critical sales actions into your workflow.
    Eliminates the need for paper-based notes or complicated excel spreadsheets  
  • An easy-to-use tool that captures your ABS strategy & operationalizes interacting with the right economic buyers & the influencing committee on an existing opportunity.
    Saves time by putting the right buying committee roles at your fingertips 

Our solution is not…

  • A data enrichment or ABM tactic 

“Customers don’t buy in a linear fashion. Rather, they use both digital and in-person channels with near equal frequency to complete each of the six B2B buying jobs more or less simultaneously.”

Business Analyst


Created for all organizations looking to rapidly grow their business and relationships by targeting the “minds that matter”. Tohoom’s B2B solution helps sales teams continuously cultivate and close large, profitable deals – quarter over quarter.

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