Tohoom: Founded to help Auto Suppliers manage customer complexities on an affordable budget. 

Improve your leadership effectiveness in acquisitions, opportunity management, and targeted forecasting.

Automotive Suppliers have a real challenge managing OEM programs. Sales teams are communicating either hourly or daily with the design team, procurement, plant management, accounting, suppliers, executives, *and customers*. To make matters worse, many Automotive Suppliers use disparate systems that result in slower response times, outdated information, and planning challenges. 
Tohoom’s Automotive Supplier Program Management Solution is a complete solution for all Automotive Supplier stakeholders who participate in winning and delivering on OEM programs. Our solution helps manage all aspects of program management from initial program efforts with your customer to tracking actual part pricing based on commodity indexation and tooling amortization to long range planning analysis. With Tohoom, real-time enterprise data enables your executives to make the best business decisions across all customers, business units and product families through the lifecycle of your customer’s programs.


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